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Finders Keepers Recruitment

The Insight

Is recruiting the right support worker causing you a headache?


Finders Keepers Recruitment is a small but experienced team dedicated to taking the hard work out of recruitment using our proven approach and expertise.


Let us save you time

There are many stages in the recruitment process, we understand that you may not have the time, experience or resources to help find the right candidate for your role.


With a service less costly then you think

We work to your budget with full transparency on costs. We have developed packages of services to provide clarity on your recruitment process, with budgets to suit all needs.


From an expert friendly team

We are a team of two experienced and friendly recruiters. We will both be working with each client providing you with regular, consistent and direct hands-on support throughout the recruitment process.


Providing well vetted and reliable carers

Our candidates will be fully vetted and suitable to your requirements. We do not promise what we cannot deliver, we make statements that you can rely on, it is our first step to that change we want to make in the Industry.


Why Finders Keepers?

We genuinely care for our clients; we get to know them so that we can find team members that fit well to their requirements. We provide flexible, extended hours to fit around your busy schedule.


Our reputation lays in the service we provide and that is reflected in everything we do for our clients.

We have turned around our last three campaigns in an average of two weeks, each campaign having given our clients 4-5+ good candidates whom they have been able to succesfully onboard to the role.